Indra has worked with several carmakers on prototyping and low quantity orders.


Indra also offer one off conversion services but those are never intended to be produced in larger quantities. We offer this service to allow for a much more scalable design allowing for vehicles to be produced in a more uniform manner in larger quantities.


This typically leads to much higher setup costs when compared to a one off conversion with much lower costs per vehicle once the initial design and development has been completed.


Our typical approach would be:

  1. Meet with customer to discuss goals, requirements and specs.
  2. Develop a prototype vehicle for customer signoff.
  3. Develop more in depth designs of individual components, document build process.
  4. Vehicle goes into production.


Indra has an in house production capability however we are not Detroit. We are however happy to look at how we can add the electric drive system to your existing production line.


If you would be interested in working with indra then please contact us using one of the methods listed in the contacts page.